October 26, 2020

Ken Perez | 2020-10-19 20:34:09

"Mr. C knows more than wikipedia and then some."
February 7, 2019

"I only had one dealing with Carter Collins and I was completely satisfied. There's a reason for his honesty and good will. I might not have it exactly right but I believe Carter is Carter Collins lll or possibly even the lVth and I was very good friends with his grandmother in her later years. Clela Collins, Harmony Collins to her friends, was an exemplary woman and was 100% honest and much more. Harmony used to have wonderful Salons in the late 70's on Sunday's. Spiritual discussions, meditation and a group sing a long with a woman playing the piano and singing. That part, the woman and the piano, were horrendous but we all went along with it, for who could deny the 92 years old Grand Damme of Berkeley and old friend of Alice A. Bailey whom I so revere She was one of the most Spiritually advanced persons I've been privileged to meet and I have met quite a few. She was a writer with the Los Angeles Times and wrote a book during WWll titled How to Be a Good Army Wife that greatly"
October 8, 2017

James Betts

"Owner is very personable and professional. He knows his trade and has always offered a better price then similar shops in Marin. I would recommend this to anyone looking to buy or sell collectibles or precious metals."
October 8, 2013

Scott Canaan

"Rare coin purchase transactions can be stressful. Carter is a person of integity and has taught me the majoirty of what I know about numismatics. He has been more than accommodating to clients who have limited knowledge of the market. His passion for coins and other rare memorabilia shows in his enthusiasm to help. I try to conduct all my currently collection efforts toward him first."