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What to Know When Getting Your Jewelry Appraised

The best way to find out how much your jewelry is worth is to take it to an appraiser. Whether you need to find out for insurance purposes, for your own curiosity or to sell it later, jewelry appraisal will help you understand what kind of value your pieces possess. If you’ve never had jewelry […]

How to Identify Collectible Jewelry

If you’ve just inherited a jewelry collection, you’re probably wondering how much it’s worth. While not all jewelry holds value, understanding what is considered “collectible” can help you narrow down what to take to an appraiser. There are six main categories you should know when classifying collectible jewelry in Mill Valley, CA: Antique: Generally, antique […]

How to Take Care of Your Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry is a wonderful investment that you can enjoy and wear. While antique jewelry is more delicate than new pieces, it offers a unique and beautiful adornment you won’t regret spending time and money on. Here are some tips for taking care of your antique jewelry to keep it looking its best in Mill […]

How to Determine the Value of My Vintage Jewelry

It’s hard to tell how valuable your jewelry might be just by looking at it. Much of its value depends on the metal and stone types, craftsmanship, age and relative scarcity. Unless you’re a jeweler yourself, you might not be able to tell which pieces are real, which pieces are fake and how valuable they […]

Here’s Why You Should Propose with an Antique Ring

Anyone who enters a shop in search of an engagement ring is looking for something extraordinary. That’s obvious. What may be less immediately apparent is that those people who make a traditional jewelry store their first stop during the hunt for an engagement ring are missing out. Before you commit to a run-of-the-mill engagement band, […]