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What to Know Before Selling Your Coin Collection

Whether you need to make some extra cash, you no longer have room or you want to see what your coins are really worth, you should never jump blindly into a coin sale. Knowing how much your coins are worth and what to expect will help you avoid being taken advantage of. Getting a fair […]

When Is It Time to Sell Your Coin Collection?

Coin collecting is one of the most popular hobbies in America, and has been for decades now. Many Americans think of themselves as casual enthusiasts of the hobby (remember the big push to collect all 50 state quarters in the early 2000s?) and as a result, millions of us regard ourselves as collectors. If you’ve […]

What Should I Know as a Beginner Coin Collector?

The world and community of coin collecting is fun and adventurous. At Collectible Coins & Jewelry, your local coin shop in Mill Valley, CA, we see coin collecting as its own form of treasure hunting. But coin collecting is not all fun and games—it’s also an excellent way to learn about history and, if you […]

Why Should I Avoid Washing My Coins?

Has your coin collection been gathering dust in the back of your closet, or have you just inherited a bunch of old coins in Mill Valley, CA from someone else? Amateur coin collectors might be tempted to scrub some of the dirt and grime from a seemingly-ancient coin—especially if it’s hard to ascertain what kind […]