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Common Reasons People Start a Coin Collection

If you’re thinking about starting a coin collection, or are trying to understand why your loved ones are so interested in their own, you’re not alone. Many people inherit coin collections and wonder what to do with them, or why the hobby is so appealing. There’s no single definitive answer, of course—different people will have […]

Can Coin Collecting Be Profitable, or Is It Just a Fun Hobby?

When you begin coin collecting in Mill Valley, CA, it’s essential that you do so because you are personally, not financially, invested in the coins you are accumulating. After all, if you’re fixated on making money with the hobby, then it’s just become a job, and that’s no fun. That said, once you’ve taken the […]

Five Simple Ways to Start a Coin Collection

It seems that as long as there has been money, there have been coin collectors—and for good reason. Outside of their intrinsic value, coins have immense appeal to students of culture, history and art. After all, countries celebrate their historical leaders and influential politicians on coins. They memorialize moments of cultural impact and identify the […]

Unintentional Ways Collectors Damage Coins—and How to Stop

If you’re not careful, you may unintentionally damage your old coins in Mill Valley, CA. Without proper handling, these pieces can be devalued. Use the following tips to avoid damaging your old coins and maintain the value of your collection. Open carefully Too often, collectors damage their coins as soon as they receive them. They […]

Common Coins with Value

If you have old coins in Mill Valley, CA, you might be wondering if they have any significant value. It’s certainly possible! There are a few common coins that could fetch a decent price. As you sift through old coins in Mill Valley, CA, look for the following pieces that could turn up and give […]