A Guide to Buying Antique Firearms

Antique firearms is a niche collecting space that’s growing more popular. These guns increase in value as they age, and many are worth a considerable amount of money. Whether you’re interested in collecting as a hobby or to make some money, knowing how the business works is important. If you’re determining whether an antique gun […]

Antique Store Shopping Tips

Many people love going antique shopping because it’s like a treasure hunt. You go in not knowing what to expect and are always searching for that one hidden gem. For some shoppers, this is a fun weekend diversion, while for others it’s a more serious venture. If you’re looking for antique shopping tips to help […]

What to Know When Getting Your Jewelry Appraised

The best way to find out how much your jewelry is worth is to take it to an appraiser. Whether you need to find out for insurance purposes, for your own curiosity or to sell it later, jewelry appraisal will help you understand what kind of value your pieces possess. If you’ve never had jewelry […]

How to Identify Collectible Jewelry

If you’ve just inherited a jewelry collection, you’re probably wondering how much it’s worth. While not all jewelry holds value, understanding what is considered “collectible” can help you narrow down what to take to an appraiser. There are six main categories you should know when classifying collectible jewelry in Mill Valley, CA: Antique: Generally, antique […]

A Guide to Selling Your Gold or Silver

Do you have some gold or silver that you’ve been looking to sell, but are unsure of where to start? Selling gold or silver can be quite an easy process if you work with the right appraiser. There are many ways to go about selling your gold or silver pieces. You could sell your item […]