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Do Antique Purses Provide Value?

For some people, their purse is one of the most critical parts of their daily wardrobe. It holds not only their money but a thousand other knickknacks and valuables that make navigating each day that much easier. As indispensable as purses are, it’s only natural to want them to serve as expressions of ourselves. Some […]

Here’s Why You Should Propose with an Antique Ring

Anyone who enters a shop in search of an engagement ring is looking for something extraordinary. That’s obvious. What may be less immediately apparent is that those people who make a traditional jewelry store their first stop during the hunt for an engagement ring are missing out. Before you commit to a run-of-the-mill engagement band, […]

A Newcomer’s Guide to Antique Firearms

Collecting antique firearms became popular after World War II. It is one of the fastest-growing antique collection hobbies, and has been since the 1950s. Prices for a firearm collection continue to increase as supplies dwindle. Whether you enjoy shooting sports or history or seek a viable antique investment in Mill Valley, CA, you could do […]

Four Tips for Building an Impressive Vintage Jewelry Collection

Vintage jewelry collectors in Mill Valley, CA have new resources available to them that were not there even 10 years ago. Online auctions, Instagram businesses and other internet resources have created new opportunities for anyone who wants an antique jewelry collection. However, these options have also complicated the hobby by making it easier to fall […]

When Is It Time to Sell Your Coin Collection?

Coin collecting is one of the most popular hobbies in America, and has been for decades now. Many Americans think of themselves as casual enthusiasts of the hobby (remember the big push to collect all 50 state quarters in the early 2000s?) and as a result, millions of us regard ourselves as collectors. If you’ve […]