What to Know Before Getting Your Coins Appraised

Having your coin collection appraised every few years is always a good idea, particularly if you think you might have some rare and valuable ones. But for the first-timer, the appraisal process might seem a little confusing or even daunting.

Trust us—getting an appraisal isn’t as hard as it may seem! Continue reading to learn what to know before getting your coins appraised in Mill Valley, CA.

Know what coins you have

You’re bringing your collection to an appraiser because you don’t know exactly what you have in your stash. However, you can at least get a start by purchasing a standard coin price guide. These guides will help you get an idea of your specimens’ rarity and potential value.

Having this guide book before bringing your coins in ensures you don’t get ripped off by an unscrupulous appraiser and teaches you a little bit more about coin collecting.

Authenticate your rare coins

Let’s hope that your coin guide shows that your collection is chock full of rare and valuable coins! What you don’t want, though, is a collection of seemingly rare coins that are actually counterfeits. There are far too many fake coins floating around, taking up space in collectors’ coin cases.

One of our tips on what to know before getting your coins appraised in Mill Valley, CA is to have your rare coins authenticated by a reputable third party before bringing them to a coin dealer for an appraisal. Having your coins authenticated will make the appraisal process faster and easier for your coin dealer.

Sort your coins

Before bringing your coins to the appraiser, it helps if you sort your coins into two groups: a good pile and a not-so-good pile. The good pile should be full of coins that have nice visual appeal and aren’t bent, scratched or otherwise damaged. We’ll still evaluate all of your coins, but presorting them makes it a much easier process for your appraiser.

Choose the right coin appraiser

It should go without saying that picking the right appraiser is essential. A disreputable coin dealer could try to rip you off or give you an inaccurate appraisal because they’re inexperienced. Do your research and choose a coin dealer with years of experience and a good rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Consider getting a second opinion

Even if you choose the best appraiser, it’s never a bad idea to get a second opinion on your collection’s true value. This is even more important if you plan on selling any of your coins. Who knows—the second appraiser might say your collection is worth a lot more than the first!

Bring your collection to Collectible Coins & Jewelry!

When it comes to appraising coins, nobody tops our team at Collectible Coins & Jewelry. In addition to appraising all of your coins, we can give you top dollar if you choose to sell them. Give us a call today to learn more about what to know before getting your coins appraised in Mill Valley, CA or to set up an appraisal with our specialists.

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