How to Take Care of Your Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry is a wonderful investment that you can enjoy and wear. While antique jewelry is more delicate than new pieces, it offers a unique and beautiful adornment you won’t regret spending time and money on. Here are some tips for taking care of your antique jewelry to keep it looking its best in Mill Valley, CA.

Wearing antique jewelry

While unique pieces of antique jewelry are understandably favorites, you shouldn’t wear them all the time. Any kind of jewelry should be removed when you shower, use sprays or lotions, exercise, sleep or do any hard labor. Taking care to remove jewelry before doing any of these activities will extend the life of your pieces, and it’s especially important to remember when wearing antique jewelry. The best way to take care of your antique jewelry and keep fine pieces looking their best is to keep them cool and dry.

Storing antique jewelry

Properly storing your antique jewelry will prevent damage like chips, cracks and tarnishing from marring your favorite pieces. Don’t just toss your vintage pieces in a jumble in a box with other jewelry. Vintage pieces can be more delicate than newer pieces, as they’re made from softer material that might scratch or chip when mixed up with new items that have sharp edges or hard gems.

The best way to store antique jewelry is in a jewelry box on a soft cloth. This will protect your jewelry and also allow it to breathe. Be sure your jewelry box is kept away from moisture and heat, in a dry room kept at moderate temperatures. That means storing jewelry in the bathroom is not a good idea, despite its convenience. If you’re traveling with jewelry, try to store pieces individually in soft fabric or plastic bags, and don’t keep them wrapped up for extended periods of time.

Cleaning antique jewelry

Properly caring for your antique jewelry means you shouldn’t have to clean it that often, but eventually your antique pieces will probably need to be freshened up a bit. Before unleashing the suds, the first step in cleaning antique jewelry should always be to check for loose stones or parts. You can even use a magnifying glass to get a better look. If you find anything that needs tightening, be sure to take care of that before proceeding—tighten the settings yourself or rely on an expert to do it for you. Looking for loose or missing parts on your antique pieces will also make you aware of where dirt and grime collects (usually on raised details).

Different kinds of materials will require different kinds of cleaning solutions. Be sure to check what your antique jewelry is made of and only use approved soaps and solutions. Use a soft toothbrush dipped in mild cleaning solution and water to clean the surface of your jewelry, then wash it with cool, clean water until no residue remains. Do this in a bowl rather than a sink to avoid damage and loss of any pieces.

Shop for antique jewelry

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