Common Reasons People Start a Coin Collection

If you’re thinking about starting a coin collection, or are trying to understand why your loved ones are so interested in their own, you’re not alone. Many people inherit coin collections and wonder what to do with them, or why the hobby is so appealing. There’s no single definitive answer, of course—different people will have different reasons—but there are a few common threads that unite the numismatists of the world. Here are a few reasons why your local coin collectors in Mill Valley, CA might love the hobby.


The idea of getting rich from selling old coins is a pretty appealing thought, and if you carefully curate your collection, it’s certainly possible. While it’s rare to come across coins that will fetch thousands of dollars at auction, it’s not outside the realm of possibility. Plus, coin collections tend to hold their value, so the money you invest into the collection can be recouped later. If the coins are made of precious metals, they’re even more likely to gain value.

Some people also like the idea of investing in tangible assets. Coins are one example, while real estate and precious metals are another. In a shaky economy, it’s never a bad idea to diversify your investments—but again, you’ll need to invest carefully to find coins that will hold and gain monetary value.

Historical value

Coins tell a story. Depending on how old they are and where they originated, they may have changed hands countless times. If you’re a history buff, purchasing old coins and researching their provenance can provide a lot of insight into history, geography, economics and everyday life. Some people like to buy coins struck in important years, such as their birth year, wedding year or the years of other sentimental and significant events. It’s a tangible reminder of human history as well as your own personal history.

Artistic value

Plenty of coins are just plain beautiful, and that’s as good a reason to collect them as any other. Many coin collectors enjoy discovering currency with special artwork, while others define beauty as the coin’s luster and lack of flaws. However you define beauty, you’ll find plenty of it in old currency.

The fun of the challenge

The challenge of finding and purchasing rare coins is often enough to keep collectors going for years. There’s always the possibility that the next rare, beautiful find is just around the corner at an estate sale, a yard sale or your local coin shop, buried on the beach or for sale on the internet.


Finally, collecting coins is a relaxing hobby, especially if you’re the sort of person who enjoys sorting, organizing and cataloging collections. It can be fun to flip through your collection and relive the memories associated with the coins, like where you found them, why you bought them and who inspired the purchase.

Whatever the reason you or your loved ones collect coins, make sure you’re familiar with your local coin collectors in Mill Valley, CA. Stop by Collectible Coins & Jewelry to have your coins appraised or find new additions.

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