Here’s Why You Should Propose with an Antique Ring

Anyone who enters a shop in search of an engagement ring is looking for something extraordinary. That’s obvious. What may be less immediately apparent is that those people who make a traditional jewelry store their first stop during the hunt for an engagement ring are missing out. Before you commit to a run-of-the-mill engagement band, make sure to check the available antique engagement rings for sale in Mill Valley, CA. You might discover something wonderful.

They’re one of a kind

You can rest assured that when you walk into a jewelry store, whichever ring you point to and purchase will be one of many, perhaps even thousands like it. When you take the time to peruse antique rings, you can be confident that the one you pick is genuinely unique.

You could find an amazing deal

If you take the time to look through unique engagement rings for proposing in Mill Valley, CA, you might just happen upon a gem. Besides being unique, you could find a ring that’s priced lower than its actual worth. Once purchased, you’ll also discover that the value of the ring appreciates much faster compared to something bought in a traditional jewelry shop.

Invest in history

Every time you find a perfect piece of antique jewelry, you’re adding another chapter to a story that may have started many decades ago. That means every antique piece of jewelry comes with a past. Sometimes, it’s one that’s an honor to extend.

Ethically friendly

There’s no doubt that diamonds are stunning, and they’re the preferred choice for many engagement ring buyers in the United States. That said, some diamonds and other valuable gems are gained through less-than-ethical means. When you take the time to purchase an antique engagement ring, you’re stepping outside that cycle and doing some good for humanity.

Environmentally friendly, too

When you purchase an antique engagement ring, you are avoiding diamonds accrued through unethical means, but you are also protecting the environment from one more harvested diamond. That’s a mercy as well.

Your source for antique jewelry

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