Do Antique Purses Provide Value?

For some people, their purse is one of the most critical parts of their daily wardrobe. It holds not only their money but a thousand other knickknacks and valuables that make navigating each day that much easier.

As indispensable as purses are, it’s only natural to want them to serve as expressions of ourselves. Some off-the-rack bag isn’t going to reflect your true personality. That requires something more unique. For some people, that means perusing the stock of antique handbags. Of course, when you invest the money in an excellent antique purse, you want to be sure it isn’t a dud. Here’s how to determine the value of antique purses in Mill Valley, CA.

The devil is in the details

You may not realize it, but every prominent designer has their own set of rules about how to maintain their purses as they age. As a result, it’s impossible to offer a definitive set of guidelines in terms of individual brand upkeep. That said, there is one general rule to keep in mind. Pay close attention to the overall quality of the bag’s stamps and logos. That means identifying the condition of the leather stamping as well as the zipper’s condition, and anywhere else a brand might be located.

Don’t forget to Google

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all the individual brand standards when you’re trying to figure out whether an antique purse you’re eyeing in Mill Valley, CA is worth anything. Relax, and remember your good friend Google. Most of these brand standards can be found with a quick online search, even on the spot. Make sure to take your time to assess the bag’s condition based on the brand’s suggestions.

Be sure to trust the purveyor

Any expert worth listening to will gladly explain that one of the most critical aspects of buying a valuable vintage handbag is trusting in the seller. As you can imagine, there are countless people out there who would happily convince you that a worthless bag is much more valuable than it truly is. Be sure to look for a source with experience appraising collectibles, plus years on the job.

Go with your instinct

You can do endless amounts of research, but at the end of the day, you have to make a choice that speaks to you. When you’re searching for the right vintage handbag, make sure you land on something you’re passionate about. Don’t put too much pressure on perceived value when sentimental value can be much more potent.

Come to the best

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