How Often Should I Get My Jewelry Appraised, and Why?

Jewelry is one of the best presents to receive because it usually marks a wonderful moment in time—an engagement, a wonderful holiday party or graduating from school can all be occasions to give or receive jewelry. Part of the responsibility that comes with receiving such a gift is regular maintenance—you should be cleaning these items frequently and bringing them to a jeweler if you believe they need repair.

One other part of jewelry ownership that often gets neglected is regular appraisals of your items. Knowing how much these pieces are worth is a great way to be a responsible owner, and jewelry appraisal in Mill Valley, CA is the best way to keep insurance rates accurate and beneficial, along with offering a number of other benefits.

Why you should appraise

Getting your jewelry appraised might feel like an unnecessary step—if you’ve gotten it done once (probably for insurance purposes), then that’s good enough, right? In fact, this usually isn’t the case. There’s a reason that our team at Collectible Coins & Jewelry works with so many customers on jewelry appraisal in Mill Valley, CA, and that’s because the value of precious metals and stones can fluctuate more than you probably think. Differences in the cost of metals make some pieces rarer over time, and you need to keep your insurance documentation up to date in the event of loss or theft. Knowing the value of the piece ahead of time is the best way to eliminate insurance or inheritance disputes before they happen.

What do appraisers do?

Jewelry appraisal in Mill Valley, CA usually involves a few different tasks. The appraiser will use their knowledge of the materials used in the piece, as well as their knowledge of the market, to determine how much it’s worth. They then measure the size of any stones and evaluate characteristics like their cut, quality and clarity, in order to determine the worth of the stones. Finally, they will write a report in meticulous detail so as to satisfy the insurance company’s rigorous standards, while also providing photographs of the piece that serve as proof of its characteristics.

How often should I get my jewelry appraised?

While there’s no hard and fast rule for how often you should get your jewelry appraised, the general rule of thumb that we tell our customers is that every two to three years is about right. This allows your insurance policy to be regularly updated with accurate information, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your important pieces can be replaced for fair value if something were to ever happen to them.

Jewelry appraisal in Mill Valley, CA is a big part of what we do at Collectible Coins & Jewelry, but it’s really just the beginning. We’re a full-service buyer of precious metals that offers the highest prices, and we’re a Bay Area institution, having opened over 30 years ago. If you’d like to know the market value of some of your most precious possessions or are in the market for both contemporary and antique jewelry, we should be at the top of your shopping list. Come see us today!

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