Common Coins with Value

If you have old coins in Mill Valley, CA, you might be wondering if they have any significant value. It’s certainly possible! There are a few common coins that could fetch a decent price. As you sift through old coins in Mill Valley, CA, look for the following pieces that could turn up and give you an unexpected windfall.

2004 Wisconsin state quarter

Some of these state quarters were printed with an extra leaf. That’s what you want to look for if you’d like to get a lot more than 25 cents for your coin. The back side of the quarter features an ear of corn, a cow and a wheel of cheese. On the ear of corn, there may be an extra leaf that is not found on all the quarters. It could be a low leaf or a high leaf. Either coin is worth up to $300 due to their rarity.

1995 penny

If you come across any pennies printed in 1995, look closely. Some have a double-printed heads side. The printing error makes the “In God We Trust” blurred. While this anomaly is due to a mistake, it does make these coins worth more than a cent. You should be able to fetch up to $50 for one of these double-die pennies.

1943 penny

When you think of a penny’s material, copper usually comes to mind. Copper and copper plating have been the standards for this coin throughout most of its lifespan. However, during World War II, mints helped divert copper resources for wartime efforts by switching to steel for penny printing. These steel pennies were only printed for one year. If you find one, you can expect a value of between 45 cents and $10.

1942-1945 nickel

Similar to the 1943 penny, these nickels were partially made from silver, in order to conserve nickel for the war. While they aren’t at the top of the most-valuable coin list, they are worth more than five cents. These coins are typically valued between 50 cents and $12.25.

Presidential dollar coins

Some of these coins are missing lettering on the edge. These errors make the coins more valuable than the standard dollar. The U.S. mint introduced them in 2007, and the earliest coins, especially those featuring George Washington, are most likely to feature these errors. They are valued between $20 and $45.

Ben Franklin half-dollar

The U.S. mint printed half-dollar coins featuring Ben Franklin from 1948 until 1964. His image was replaced by that of John F. Kennedy, after he was assassinated in 1963. This means the coins which feature Ben Franklin are more valuable. They range from $12 to $125.

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