What’s the Best Way to Keep My Coin Collection Organized?

Half the fun of owning a coin collection is organizing it in a way that makes it easy to find specific coins, compare similar pieces and have it readily accessible when you want to show it off or sell a piece. It also helps cut down on duplicate coins and makes it easy for you to slim down your collection, when necessary.

If you don’t have a system yet, don’t despair. There are plenty of different ways to organize your collection so that you can get the most out of it. Here are our top suggestions for keeping your old coins organized in Mill Valley, CA.

Decide which method you want to use

There’s no wrong way to organize your coins, except perhaps not organizing them at all. You can use a notebook and pen to write down the details of your coins, or use a spreadsheet—Google Drive will allow you to access it remotely, so you can easily determine whether the new coins you’re looking at are duplicates of anything already in your collection. Whichever method you pick, it’s important to choose one that is convenient and easy to update. The more you update, the more familiar you’ll be with what you own. Plus, the easier it is, the less likely you’ll fall behind on cataloguing.

Organize and store your coins

Once you’ve decided how you’ll catalog your old coins in Mill Valley, CA, you can start organizing and storing them. Be sure to use cotton gloves and a magnifying glass to observe as much detail as possible without damaging the coin. If you’re going digital, make sure to include photos of the coins from both sides. Include important information like year, origin, where you bought the coin and how much you spent, historic facts and even your personal memories associated with the coins. It’s not only a thorough organization method, but a time capsule that you and your loved ones will be able to treasure.

Next, think about how you’ll store the coins. Are you planning to store in individual envelopes or boxes? Will you use special coin albums? Whichever method you decide, be sure to have the equipment ready before you start handling them, and look for a storage method that will allow them to remain in their original boxes, particularly proof sets. You wouldn’t want to inadvertently ruin the monetary value of your collection, and it’s also a convenient way to keep things organized.

Once you’ve decided on how to organize and store your coins, you’re sure to enjoy going through your collection to catalog coins and memories.

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