Some Valuable Coins You Might Have Without Knowing It

You probably have a collection of coins sitting somewhere around your home. Maybe it’s in a bucket, or an old peanut butter jar. Maybe you just always have some coins jangling around in your pocket. Wherever you keep them, you might be surprised at what you have. While you have probably heard of rare coins that are worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars, you might not realize that coins you see and spend on an everyday basis may actually have some worth beyond their face value.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the types of valuable old coins in Mill Valley, CA that you’re most likely to accidentally have in your possession:

  • Copper pennies (through 1981): Before 1982, American pennies were 95 percent copper by composition, and now that metal makes them worth more than one cent. These pennies are actually quite easy to find, though it is not legal to melt them down due to their still being legal tender. Still, there are people who are willing to buy these pennies from you at above face value in the hopes that someday it will become legal to melt them down. You can expect to add about 50 percent to the value of pennies you sell to these collectors.
  • Wheaties (1909-1956): Pennies that were created between 1909 and 1956 do not have the Lincoln Memorial on the back, but instead feature wheat, with large wording that says ONE CENT in the middle. These types of coins from the ‘40s and ‘50s are generally worth about two and a half times their face value, those from the ‘30s are worth about six times their face value, those from the ‘20s are worth about 10 times their face value and those from 1909-1919 are generally worth about 16 times their face value. You’d be surprised at how many of these coins show up in people’s pocket change.
  • Dimes, quarters and half dollars (pre-1964): These coins made before 1964 have a composition that is 90 percent silver, referred to in the industry as “junk silver.” For every dollar face value worth of junk silver, you can expect about $12 worth of silver. Sell the coins off to collectors and you can make a few extra bucks based on coins you just had lying around.
  • Ike dollars (1972): In 1972, there were several different dies used to make Eisenhower dollars, and the type 2 coins were a little bit more valuable than a dollar. You can identify them by the high design relief, which his especially noticeable on the back side. The design details are very bold. An average coin will get you around $10 in return.

These are just a few examples of some of the coins you might have in your possession that could be worth more than you might expect. The next time you have some downtime, take a look through the coins you have in your possession and see what’s there—you might be pleasantly surprised!

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