Why Collectible Coins Make the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

If you’re not a coin collector in Mill Valley, CA yourself, you might dismiss it as a dying hobby—the sort of thing your elders might have enjoyed before video games and prestige television came along. However, you might be surprised at just how satisfying the gift of a collectible coin can be. Whether it’s from a specific and meaningful location, the recipient’s birth year, favorite era of history or simply looks really cool, an enjoyable lifetime hobby can start with just one gift.

Here are the top reasons you should consider giving collectible coins this holiday season:

  • They’re educational: Money, in all its various forms over the centuries, is intrinsically tied to history, politics, culture and other facets of human existence. When you start studying the origins of your collectible coins, you are opening yourself up to fascinating discoveries about the people who once used the money you’re holding in their everyday lives.
  • Rare and beautiful items: Part of the joy of coin collecting is not only trying to find significant or valuable coins, but appreciating the fact that they’re just plain beautiful. Whether you want luster and flawlessness, or simply appreciate aesthetically-pleasing art, browsing through collectible coins can be enjoyable on that level alone. In the process you may find a rare coin—and nothing compares to the thrill of a great discovery.
  • Challenge accepted: Finding a great bargain isn’t limited to buying a nice pair of shoes or a fancy appliance on sale. Many coin collectors will tell you that they love the challenge of searching for a specific coin at a price point they can afford. (After all, so few of us have an unlimited budget for our hobbies.)
  • They can have precious metal content: Did you know that many American coins made before 1965 can have a significant amount of precious metal content, like silver? (Silver quarters can sell for as much as $4 apiece.) Since precious metal supplies are limited and the market fluctuates, you might be sitting on a small treasure.
  • They can be valuable: Finally, although a massive “Antiques Roadshow”-style discovery might be rare, the fact is that many coin collectors are initially drawn to the hobby because there is always the possibility that they’ll come across an extremely rare and valuable coin. Many coins will retain or exceed the value at which you bought them, making them a worthwhile investment. If all else fails, you can pass them down to your children or other family members, and give them the gift of a fun and educational hobby.

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