What Should I Know as a Beginner Coin Collector?

The world and community of coin collecting is fun and adventurous. At Collectible Coins & Jewelry, your local coin shop in Mill Valley, CA, we see coin collecting as its own form of treasure hunting. But coin collecting is not all fun and games—it’s also an excellent way to learn about history and, if you purchase and sell wisely, make investments and reap profits. If you want to get started as a coin collector, here are a few things you should know.

What to collect

When you first start out as a coin collector, you may purchase coins a little haphazardly based on what catches your eye. While it’s fine to start coin collecting this way, picking up coins without any plans in mind is not a wise long-term strategy, particularly if you want to get a good return on your investment.

It’s best to begin your coin collecting journey by identifying your interests. Ask yourself what really excites you about coin collecting. Is there a particular time period you are interested in? Are you interested in coins from a specific region? If you don’t know the answers to these questions just yet, that’s okay. You can do a little research online, as well as by asking questions of other more experienced coin collectors.

How much to spend

The other part of coin collecting that you should learn about to start off on the right foot is pricing. There are a lot of resources on coin collecting and pricing online. You should read up on how the rarity of a coin affects its value, as well as the physical condition it’s in, and even who the seller is. Auctions are another good place to learn about coin pricing.

Once you know what types of coins interest you the most and have a solid understanding of how those types of coins are priced, you’re ready for the fun part: starting your own collection in earnest!

Where to buy

There are many places you can go to find coins, but finding a reputable seller is key. If you are a novice coin collector, verifying the authenticity of a coin can be a challenge, so it’s important that you purchase from a seller with a good reputation. If buying online, for example, be sure to purchase coins from someone with many good reviews.

Once you feel more comfortable with the types of coins you collect, you can venture out a little further. Flea markets, yard sales and estate sales are all good places to purchase coins, but remember to verify the authenticity of a coin before you buy.

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